Lonestar Lashes 

Enhancing Beauty. Enhancing You.


I will specialize in Classic // Hybrid // Volume lash extensions. Watch for more info ...

My name is Tonya Danielson.  I have had lash extensions myself for 14 years.  I get out of bed looking alert, without wearing make-up.  I feel confindent and put together - even with no effort, thanks to my lash technician.  I change my lash lengths throughout the year as the MN seasons change... we'll chat more about why later on.  

After being in the medical field for most of my working life, I ventured into the world of being a business owner. Owning a lash studio has been a dream..a dream I am determined to make come true.
The name, Lonestar Lashes, came to fruition just a few weeks before I was headed to see Miranda Lambert in Las Vegas. I have been a long time Miranda fan, following her across the country since 2005. Lonestar is Miranda's name when she was with the Pistol Annie's. I knew I wanted to incorporate Miranda and my love for TEXAS in this new endeavor of mine, and there we have LONESTAR LASHES.
This is just the beginning....welcome to my story.
  • Osakis, Minnesota, United States
  • Main Street East

Watch for more info!